*Finally* turn your course idea into a course-based business ✅

Four immersive weeks 🤝 Get paid to teach your dream students.

You'll create and sell the first version of your signature online course with the 1:1 support of a 10-year online course producer. Class starts on April 10th!
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"Where do I even begin?"

You're in the right place if:

  • You've been thinking about this for months...or years....

    It's been wildly frustrating thinking about your course, without actually creating it. You've also seen people half as experienced as you, getting paid to teach what you could teach in your sleep! Let's alchemize your annoyance into creative fuel.

  • You want 1:1 support

    When creating a course, you’re essentially selling yourself. Your stories. Your processes. Your intelligence. Your energy. When resistance and fear pops up (it's natural!) you'll have the coaching and accountability to get unstuck! There are two enrollment options to choose from with different support levels.

  • You're excited for the possibilities!

    Freedom. Flexibility. Finances. Fulfillment. You've heard all about the wonders of a course-based business. Now time to experience it in a low-risk way with a smart and talented cohort of students who desire the same dream.

A snapshot of past course creation collaborators, clients and employers:

The 4-Week Course Curriculum

    1. Lesson 1: Prepare to Lead the Course

    2. Lesson 2: Course Support and Schedule

    3. Micro Activity #1: Clear Clutter for Creative Space

    4. Micro Activity #2: Feel-Good Goal Setting

    5. Micro Activity #3: Assemble your Creative Tools!

    6. Micro Activity #4: Build Momentum

    1. Micro Lesson #1

    2. Live Q&A [REPLAY]

    3. Virtual Co-Working

    4. Optional: Progress Project #1

    5. End of the Week Check-in

    1. Micro Lesson #2

    2. Live Q&A Session [REPLAY]

    3. Virtual Co-Working

    4. Optional: Progress Project #2

    5. End of Week Check-In

    1. Micro Lesson #3

    2. Live Q&A Session [REPLAY]

    3. Virtual Co-Working

    4. Optional: Progress Project #3

    5. End of Week Check-in

    1. Micro Lesson #4

    2. Live Q&A

    3. Virtual Co-Working

    4. Progress Project #4

    5. End of Final Week Check-In

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

You'll receive lifetime access to the content and recordings

  • 27 lessons

How it Works:

Four immersive weeks of coursework and implementation. One new project each week to help you make progress.

  • MONDAY: Microlearning Training & Templates. You receive a video-based training that shares the steps to complete the week’s focus, plus the templates and curated resources to help accelerate the process.

  • TUESDAY: Email Office Hours. Don’t get stuck! If you have any questions about your course content or weekly project, email Gwen anytime during the day. Receive a response between 5-7pm.

  • WEDNESDAYS: Live Course Coaching Q&A. 60 minute live Q&A via Zoom. We’ll discuss the week’s focus, you can get live coaching to answer any questions that have come up. The call is recorded. If you can’t make it you can send questions ahead of time.

  • THURSDAYS: Course Co-Working: 60 minute virtual coworking session via Zoom to focus on making real progress on your course.

  • FRIDAYS: Feedback Friday. If you enroll in the EXTRA SUPPORT tier you can send Gwen your assignment for the week for feedback. All students are encouraged to post a weekly reflection on what they accomplished for the week (big or small).

Pricing options

Enroll in the 4-week program or the program PLUS additional 1:1 feedback on all course content you create on Feedback Fridays. Price are in CAD. Taxes may apply based on location.

Here's what to expect April 10th to May 5th:

Daily support, one project per week to make progress! Your course is moving from a dream to reality.

What past course creation clients are saying:

“"Gwen was absolutely essential to our success. If you want to build not just a course, but a great course, she should be your very first call. I won't produce a new course without her." ”

Sarah Stockdale, Founder of Growclass

“"I am convinced that the Universe sent Gwen to me. I was getting really frustrated because I was seeing this gap in the market for effective legal help, but I didn’t know how to start. So I kept putting my program on the backburner...and then I met Gwen. Thank God." ”

Andrea Henry Lawyer and Creator of The Secure Startup

“"I would 100% recommend working with Gwen as you create and launch your course! You are direct and are so committed to our success! You also have more experience than most people out on the market and that speaks volumes!"”

Komal Minhas Creator of The Next Right Step Course + Oprah’s #SuperSoul100

“"Gwen is a joy to work with, and a rare gem in this industry. Not only is she an outstanding course producer, she operates at the highest level of integrity and I can guarantee you will not find someone better to work with to turn your expertise into a thriving course."”

Natalie MacNeil Emmy Award Winning Media Entrepreneur, Creator of The Media Method

Fun Bonuses! 🤩

When you enroll you'll also receive:

  • The Microcourse Program

    $149 value

    A micro course is a short, actionable course you can create fast. It can act as a lead generator for your signature course, or a replacement for the 1:1 pick-your-brain calls. In the on-demand program you'll get the step-by-step process, templates and tools to create and sell your microcourse!

  • Access to Gwen's Curated Course Vault

    Access years of curated examples of effective sales pages, worksheets, course curriculums and webinar slides.

  • Access to a Private Community

    Join the private LinkedIn group for additional support and accountability during the course.


  • When does the program start?

    The course officially starts on Monday April 10th with daily opportunities to engage in the teachings. When you enroll today you can access the Welcome + Prepare to Thrive module to prepare to succeed in the program!

  • What happens if I enroll before April 10th?

    When you enroll you’ll be given access to a Google Calendar where you can add all of the dates for live teachings and feedback to your calendar. You also get instant access to the Welcome module with exercises and to help you prepare to succeed in the program.

  • Is it really possible to create a course in four weeks?

    Absolutely, though there is no pressure to rush. In the program you’ll be learn how and be encouraged to create and sell the *first version* of your online course with weekly projects that help you make progress. You’ll also get lifetime access to the content so you can launch on your timeline.

  • What’s the refund policy?

    If you feel the program is not right for you at the end of week one, email Gwen for a refund on your enrollment fee!

  • How does the EXTRA SUPPORT upgrade option work?

    If you enroll in the extra support tier of the program, Gwen will personally review and give feedback to all of your weekly projects. The intention is to help you feel extra confident about launching your program into the world. Spots will be limited to 5 students for this tier.

  • Do I need to know my course topic before signing up?

    No, though it’s helpful to have an idea of the topic you’d like to teach! In the program you’ll receive exercises and projects to help you refine your course topic and ideal students you want to teach.

  • How much time/week is required to succeed in the program?

    It’s recommended you can dedicate at least two hours a week to the program. The weekly projects are designed to be fast and fun to do. The live calls are two hours/week (with one hour dedicated to virtual co-working where you can make progress on your course).

  • Different questions?

    Email Gwen at [email protected] with any questions!